My first proper post

This is my first post on my new site. I actually started writing this site in March, 2009. Pretty epic fail on my part.

Those who have seen my last site (and if you are one of those five people, thank you and congratulations - see my publicist for your prize) will know I started it off with a Shooooes application called Sprinter. Of course, a few months later the awesome mr _why went on up into the clouds and I can't say I've heard much about shoes since then. It's still alive, thanks to github.

Since then, well, I've been busy. Many of the projects that have taken up my time will never amount to anything. For the rest, I'm hopeful (1st prize on the vague statement of the year award? Please?)

Now that I've written my site from scratch, it would be good to mention some of the tech involved. It's Ruby on Rails, designed in inkscape, initially written with Emacs, although I am now favouring Redcar This site uses a very simple flat html file system that ROR grabs and presents in this beautifully structured system. And not a database in site - other than Git.