Redcar presentation

A presentation on Redcar plugins given at IPRUG in June, and a good game of golf...

Sorry folks, it's been a busy month with one thing or another. One of those things was a last-minute Redcar presentation, which one might find by clicking here, followed this month by a cracking game of code golf - a set of 9 "holes", little programming tasks to be completed in as few characters as possible). The task set can be found at andrewmcdonough's github account, and links to everyone's answers will be found at the IPRUG website

I've got various projects on the go, including some redcar plugins. Once they're ready I'll announce them here and on my twitter (@undecisive)

For now though, I'm watching Jane Eyre. Stop beating around the bush and kiss the man, girl! The things our womenfolk subject us to, eh?