My goodness, it's a blog

Welcome to the blog section, where I'll be discussing the world through the medium of interpretive dance wildstock conversation translation (baa means no). Whatever the media, I'm gonna keep the world up to date with the wonderous writings on... well, stuff. Badly.

NRUG - October's presentation

Presentation on BDD (Beer driven development, not Behaviour driven development) at Norwich Ruby User Group

about 8 years ago

Cool effects in 5 mins

I did another live coding lightning talk, this time for FESuffolk.

over 8 years ago

mruby Presentation, now with structure

This is what happens when sarcasm goes too far: I end up doing a lightning talk. There's a warning for those who would be warned.

over 8 years ago

Dreamhost migrations & Padrino

Dreamhost recently migrated some shared hosting servers, and it broke my padrino instances. Here's how I fixed it.

almost 9 years ago

Goodbye rails, hello padrino

Contrary to previous post, rails 3 was NOT playing nicely, thanks to conflicting requirements and an inability to escape rack 1.2.1. Padrino to the rescue?

almost 10 years ago

Hacking rails 3.1

The announcement that we have migrated to Rails 3.1 may have to be delayed... and I'm a little tired.

almost 10 years ago

Christmas Carols Gone Wrong

Blame National Rail for this one. And maybe Twitter. Or remember good will to all men and blame no-one!

almost 10 years ago

Ray, Retrodude and R...IQ

Gave a lightning talk on Ray (a pretty good gem for creating 2D games), am launching a new site, and proof of what we always suspected!

over 10 years ago

Redcar presentation

A presentation on Redcar plugins given at IPRUG in June, and a good game of golf...

over 10 years ago

Ubuntu 11.04 tips and tricks

Ahh, linux, the hotbed of configurablilty. Here's a few tricks for customising the new Unity interface.

over 10 years ago

Ubuntu (Su|Ro)cks

Well, Ubuntu 11.04 has been out for a little while now, and lots has changed. My verdict, in case you care? Meh.

over 10 years ago

Mirah Presentation

Mirah is a JVM language that's modeled after ruby. Alas, it isn't complete, but it is awesome.

over 10 years ago

My first proper post

This is my first post on my new site. I actually started writing this site in March, 2009. Pretty epic fail on my part.

over 10 years ago