Open Sourcy Goodness!

Well, time has been tight. Lots of projects have come and gone where I've thought, "I'd love to have a go at that" but generally these things just haven't meant to be.

That said, I have managed a couple of bits I've been proud of. I'll list them here and try to keep it up to date.

Of course, if it's up to date you want... my github account is the place to be. I've just looked at it myself and the readme on "gingerbread-man" made me laugh. Must be my kind of humour.

CSS Masher

Simple mangler for CSS. Turns CSS into a ruby hash.

Link: CSS Masher.


Sprinter is a simple shoes application, written before I even had a github account.* It's a simple timer to scratch a simple itch - I needed to be able to tell people what I spent my day doing, that timer helped me do it.

Link: Sprinter.

Latest blog posts

NRUG - October's presentation

Presentation on BDD (Beer driven development, not Behaviour driven development) at Norwich Ruby User Group

over 9 years ago

Cool effects in 5 mins

I did another live coding lightning talk, this time for FESuffolk.

about 10 years ago

mruby Presentation, now with structure

This is what happens when sarcasm goes too far: I end up doing a lightning talk. There's a warning for those who would be warned.

about 10 years ago

Dreamhost migrations & Padrino

Dreamhost recently migrated some shared hosting servers, and it broke my padrino instances. Here's how I fixed it.

about 10 years ago